Foods to Avoid

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  • Do not eat commercially processed foods such as cookies, cakes, crackers, TV dinners, soft drinks, packaged sauce mixes, etc.  Read labels!
  • Avoid all refined sweeteners such as sugar, dextrose, glucose, high fructose corn syrup and fruit juices
  • Avoid white flour, white flour products, and white rice
  • Avoid all hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fats and oils
  • Avoid all refined vegetable oils made from soy, corn, safflower, canola, or cottonseed
  • Do not use polyunsaturated oils for cooking, sauteeing, or baking
  • Avoid fried foods, especially foods fried in polyunsaturated oils or partially hydrogenated oils
  • Do not practice strict vegetarianism (veganism); animal products provide vital nutrients not found in plant foods
  • Avoid products containing protein powders as they usually contain carcinogens formed during processing; and consumption of protein without the cofactors occurring in nature can lead to deficiencies, especially of the fat-soluble vitamins Avoid processed, pasteurized milk; do not consume ultrapasteurized milk products, lowfat milk, skim milk, powdered milk, or imitation milk products
  • Avoid battery-produced eggs and factory-farmed meats and fish
  • Avoid highly processed luncheon meats and sausage
  • Avoid rancid and improperly prepared seeds, nuts, and grains found in granolas, quick-rise breads, and extruded breakfast cereals, as they block mineral absorption and cause intestinal distress
  • Avoid canned, sprayed, waxed, and irradiated fruits and vegetables.  Avoid genetically modified foods (found in most soy, canola, and cornAvoid artificial food additives, especially MSG, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, and aspartame, which are neurotoxins.  Most soups, sauce, and broth mixes and commercial condiments contain MSG, even if not so labeled
  • Avoid aluminum-containing foods such as commercial salt, baking powder and antacids.  Do not use aluminum cookware or deodorants containing aluminum
  • Individuals sensitive to caffeine and related substances should avoid coffee, tea, and chocolate
  • Do not drink fluoridated water
  • Avoid synthetic vitamins and foods containing them
  • Avoid distilled liquors
  • Do not use a microwave oven
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